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Intelligence & Investigations

UALEKS provides a wide range of communication equipment and information-transmitting technologies with a focus on securing your data and privacy. Our digital solutions for high-quality encoded audio/video signal transmission are essential in conditions of high density urban area and in open terrain. 

Due to the small dimensions, low power consumption and great flexibility, our products are widely used to perform surveillance and counter-surveillance and conduct various types of covert investigations.

Surveillance Systems

We are engaged in the development and implementation of innovative solutions and surveillance systems for intelligence gathering, investigation of crime, protection of a person, group or object, or prevention of crime.

Security agencies and law enforcement organizations require reliable and powerful equipment, in order to protect life, health, human and citizens' rights and freedoms, property, ensuring the safety of society and the state from criminal encroachments.

Social Security

Our equipment is widely used by security organizations or law enforcement agencies for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking or gaining access to networks or user credentials.

Security and Data Mining Software

Our advanced data mining software allows security organizations to automate the intelligence process, improve security responsiveness and greatly reduce routine work. Our sophisticated catching and localization systems help you collect data about your targets and turn those insights into action.

Search and Rescue Operations

In distress or imminent danger, using highly accurate and reliable search equipment to assist people is essential.

Our multifunctional detection and location systems may greatly facilitate search and rescue of missing people, providing flawless functionality and powerful software:

  • cell phone tracking,
  • intelligent jamming,
  • centralized data capturing and control,
  • network scanning.

We provide
ready-made solutions


Wide range of telecommunication equipment and modern methods of data transmission and processing.

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Counter Terrorism

Diverse state-of-the-art technologies to combat terrorism threats domestically, regionally and globally.

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National Security

Advanced intelligence solutions to identify and prevent potential threats and maintain domestic security and stability.

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