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About UAleks

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The company is equipped with facilities and process sections to ensure a single-unit and small-scale production.

The production department includes SMT section, mechanical area equipped with high-tech modern machine-tools, and assembly department composed of professional assemblers, engineers and RED technicians who specialize in all of the work processes.

Our laboratory department is staffed with highly skilled engineers with vast experience in digital wireless technology, IT specialists and design engineers engaged in the product design and modernization and their adaptation to the specific customer's needs. 


To empower government agencies with innovative solutions for crime fighting and safe existence - that’s our mission.

Our minds are our main competitive advantage. We believe success comes from breakthrough innovation, persistence, and flawless execution.

A great strategy alone won't win a game; the win comes from collaboration of like-minded people and great organizational support, providing high productivity to survive in the fierce competitive environment.


Guided by our mission, we believe that only reliable defence and powerful armed forces safeguard peace of the country.

Our team has a holistic understanding of security and law enforcement issues and use of advanced intelligence equipment, creating reliable high-capacity surveillance technology and offering predictive, preventive, and investigative analytics.

Continuous experience in R&D combined with a wide grasp of global security challenges, makes us confident in fulfilling our mission and helps us serve people and organizations that make our lives safer.


Being focused on innovations and customers feedback, we highlight a set of values that affect the way we work and do business with our clients and partners. 

We aspire to create and maintain optimum conditions to satisfy every customer needsOur primary goal is to provide our clients with safety and security and ensure quick and efficient engineering supportWe put great emphasis on the high quality and performance features of our equipment. This is our main responsibility towards the end user. 

We play a win-win game aspiring to create a long-term partnership.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled engineers with a vast experience in developing and providing digital surveillance, wireless communication services and products.

The founder.

Received the first patent being a student of the department “Electric equipment of ships”.

Since 1989 has been engaged in innovations, engineering implementation of R&D in the defense field. During the first three years of his professional practice obtained 27 patents.

Alexander has 30-year managing experience and is in charge of forming the strategy of the company and its mission implementation.

Мr. Oleksandr Grinchenko

Chief Executive Officer (СЕО)

The founder.

Manages the financial activities of the company, develops strategies in the financial field and provides continuous growth of the company.

Higher technical education.

Ms. Svitlana Grinchenko

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Professional specialist in programmable electronics, electrical engineering and telecommunications, has higher technical education.

Yuriy has been working in the company since 1999. In 2004 took the position of a leading engineer. In 2007 he became a head of the laboratory of radioelectronics.

Supervises technification, develops innovative recommendations concerning technical, economic and other improvements of the company products.

Mr. Yuriy Overchenko

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Master of Economics. 

Since 2009 she has been involved in the administrative, production and trading business processes of the company. 

Ideologist of the marketing policy and UALEKS brand name. 

Specialist in international negotiations and contracting management. 

Master of Neurolinguistic Programming. 

Ms. Tetiana Osadcha

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Since 2002 has been doing research on actual problems and perspectives in the IT field and production technology. Has higher technical education.

Has gone from an assembler of radioelectronic equipment to a chief engineer. In 2007 took a position of CPO.

Mr. Serhii Ryneiskyi

Chief Production Officer (CPO)

A specialist in licensing and permissions.

Alla deals with regulatory requirements, HR, quality control system, legal issues. Has been working in the company since 1995. Higher technical education.

Possesses profound knowledge and experience in all the company’s areas of activity.

Ms. Alla Yermolovska

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)


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If you require any further information, feel free to contact us. All our clients can count on personal attention, professional consultation and high level of provided services.