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National Security

Today most countries face new challenges. Security threats become more sophisticated and well-organized, and constantly require National security organizations to rebalance and update set of measures to handle these challenges effectively.

UAleks provides advanced intelligence technologies for:

  • improving border control by leveraging real-time information;
  • reducing trans-border crime and illegal immigration;
  • monitoring border check points, etc.

Our customized national security solutions are top rated by the leading security organizations around the world for great performance, accuracy and reliability.

Tactical Monitoring Solutions

National security and ever growing criminal activity justifies the use of surveillance systems and tactical security solutions to deal with any type of threats. 

We create equipment for portable monitoring stations which can be deployed immediately to any location at any time to control the environment. The systems are optimized for integration on vehicle chassis or can be used in a backpack, providing maximum operational flexibility, safety and control.

  • Detecting mobile phone location (IMSI-catching).
  • Intelligent jamming option.
  • Identifying the source of a radio emitter and hidden surveillance devices. 

Strategic Monitoring Solutions

Security challenges can be solved by creating fixed monitoring stations to measure different parameters of the environment and send obtained data to the central data unit of the system.

  • Monitoring the work of the integrated tactical units and their preferences, and providing their coordinates.
  • Sending current data collected by the tactical units to the data analysis center.
  • Simple access and fast response using a user-friendly application programming interface (API).

We provide
ready-made solutions


Wide range of telecommunication equipment and modern methods of data transmission and processing.

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Counter Terrorism

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Intelligence & Investigations

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