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Counter Terrorism

With the growing threat of terrorism, we are constantly improving our technologies to empower predictive intelligence, situalional intelligence and surveillance missions.

Counter terrorism and predictive intelligence demand innovative technologies and advanced software solutions to predict future events and handle a massive amount of data, saving precious time when it matters most.

Predictive Intelligence

We offer a range of analytical solutions tailored to the needs of predictive intelligence to forecast the future events and get ready for the most unexpected scenarios. Our sophisticated software provides data collection and analysis delivering real-time reports and statistics.

Situational Awareness

Our multi-purpose surveillance systems developed for situational intelligence provide an effective way of processing information. This involves a review of existing material and collection of new data, providing a strong base for decision making and taking preventive measures.


We provide
ready-made solutions


Wide range of telecommunication equipment and modern methods of data transmission and processing.

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National Security

Advanced intelligence solutions to identify and prevent potential threats and maintain domestic security and stability.

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Intelligence & Investigations

Customer-tailored intelligence solutions to automate the intelligence processes and carry missions faster and more efficiently.

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