UAleks Dizain Company was established in 1992 as a research and development company specializing in digital surveillance, wireless A/V transmission and active radio monitoring systems. Being a leader in the field of electronic engineering, UAleks Dizain provides cutting-edge technologies that are widely used in test and measurement, radio communications, radiolocation, special technical devices.

Our Philosophy

The key principle of our company is to create and maintain optimum conditions to satisfy the clients’ and business needs.

The relationship between humans and technology greatly simplifies wireless communication services. And our primary aim is to provide customers with safety and security and ensure quick and competent engineering support.

We put great emphasis on the high quality of the components we use and the performance features of our equipment. This is our main responsibility towards the end user.

Creating solutions for the customer is our ultimate goal.


The company is equipped with facilities and process sections to ensure a single-unit and small-scale production. The Production department includes a section for SMT components installation, a mechanical area with a fleet of high-tech modern machine-tools for body parts shaping and machining, an assembly department with a team of radio electronic devices (RED) technicians responsible for node units and modules assembly and installation as well as the whole equipment installation.

Successful organization of all production departments ensures uninterrupted work of the whole company in the shortest possible time.


Research and Development

Our research and development department is staffed by highly skilled engineers with a vast experience in developing and providing digital surveillance, wireless communication services and products.

Our experts are constantly working to improve our equipment using the best practices, leading technologies and customers’ feedback, providing the most advanced solutions that can hardly be matched in the world.

Warranty and Support


Our maintenance and support specialists thoroughly verify the manufactured equipment at the place of production and provide qualified personalized support and assistance helping customers absorb the technology and master their skills.

As our client, you can be sure in high reliability and durability with cost-effective maintenance.

Join our team and remember:
The goal of yesterday
is the starting-point of tomorrow!
Welcome aboard!